Hi, Miss Spider.


Capriciously I assumed that you are a female spider. I have been watching you for a couple of days. You were always staying at your sentry box of the ceiling above door of Room 6 whenever I walked by and had a glance at you.


One time I saw your legs stretched out and the other time shrunk. “Did you ever leave for hunting?” I always had this question in my mind. Without doubt, your answer must be “Yes.” I was just curious about what you’re thinking while you were hanging upside-down up there. Could it be “What should I hunt for tonight’s dinner?” or “Where are those bugs going?” Would it be too shallow that all I supposed is only about “foraging”?


Perhaps you were also observing us (just as what I did to you) whenever we passed by. Then, what did you find from us, these foreign backpackers? From your compound eyes, did you see my sorrow and worries in hundreds of images of me?

(to be continued...)

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