Good Afternoon, Miss Spider.


Smelling the chemical spray, I should have been alert that you might be found by someone else and be murdered by that seemingly good-smelling poison. How careless I was then!

“It should be the bed bugs that they tried to kill. No way… there are bed bugs again?” I thought. However, the smell wasn’t from any of the rooms, but around the exit to kitchen. I didn’t find you nearby and thought you might just go for a hunt.

 After coming out f my room, I noticed a furry ball – a shrunk-leg spider – on the carpet, right under where you used to stay. “Oh… isn’t that YOU?” You are as a lifelike rubber spider toy, yet still and lifeless. I should mourn for you maybe for a minute, but I didn’t. I merely walked by your corpse and reminded myself not to step on you – the least respect for the dead.



(to becontinued...)

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