Goodbye, dear corpse of Miss Spider.


I have to keep the evidence of your existence before I help you out of this backpacker where so many Asians live (and I am just among them). 




I reckon that some people may think I am crazy because of such continual articles of soliloquies. Oh, yes, the idea of talking to a spider or to a corpse of it sounds weird as well as idiotic, and I have done this even the fifth time. However, the fifth time, and the last time also.


To be frankly, I have had no idea of what to murmur since I found you dead, but I had to go on to put an end to this tiny ridiculous series. It is just like something we are sometimes forced to process. “We may not want to, but we have to” is the concept. To be specific (as what the respectable Prof. Rollins always said when we took mid-term or final exams), “Responsibility.” Since I made the start, then a conclusion is needed. Somehow I felt like killing my own baby when making this last murmuring. I think that’s because I am not a professional writer or I may feel relieved like giving birth to a new born baby eventually after a long while of struggling.


When your corpse is on the carpet no more, this weird series is ended forever. Time to say goodbye.


See you no more, you little corpse of Miss Spider.


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